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Excellent selection of black and green teas with a cotton strainer.  Ideal for tea beginners or as a gift idea (40g each):- Black Darjeeling Kalej Valley - Black Assam Panitola - Black Wild Cherry - Green Japan Sencha - Green China Mao Feng - Green Spring - cotton tea strainer..
White Tea Selection
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An excellent selection of our white teas.The range of flavours and tastes is very broad and different.A good introduction to white teas or an excellent gift for someone you never know what to give. - White Bud (25g) - Pai Mu Tan (25g) - White Grapefruit (25g)- Lapsang Pai Mu Tan (25g) - White tea flower (2x)..
Enter the wonderful world of Pu Erh teas.Unique production, unique taste, unique health benefits.The first two teas are examples of different qualities while the last two are flavoured blends to make it more interesting. - Pu Erh (40g) - King of Pu Erh (40g) - Pu Erh Orange-Chocolate(40g) - Pu Erh Lemon (40g)..
All the fruit teas as 50g for sampling: - Fruity Ginger - Wild Cherry - Blood Orange - Sweet Mango ..
All our South African Rooibos teas in one selection (50g each): - Rooibos Nature - Caramel - Lemon - Spicy Orange - Strawberry-Banana - Herbs de Provence..
All our wellness teas in one sampler, 30g each: Digestion, Immune Boost, Slimming, Stress Relief, Cholesterol, Hangover, Blood Pressure...
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