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Original Dresdner Christmas Stollen from Germany.
This is a traditional Germann-Saxon fruit loaf which is baked only for the Christmas period.
Dresdner Stollen is a protected geographical indication which means it can only be produced by certified bakers in the city of Dresden (there are about 150 certified bakeries).
For more info on Stollen please go to our blog here.

There is almost nothing better than a slice of Stollen and a proper cup of tea. A perfect match for our Christmas teas.
Goes also well with rich black teas, any Pu Erh tea or a robust green tea like Mao Feng, Sencha, Gunpowder or the spicy Kashmiri.

The taste is rich, fruity, slightly spicy and very satisfying.

1kg in original packaging.


Wheat flour, sultanas, butter, sugar, milk, almonds, yeast, rum, orange peel, lemon peel, cedar fruit peel, salt, glucose syrup, icing sugar (glucose, wheat starch, palm fat), natural flavours, cottonseed oil, citric acid and spices.