Pu Erh Tea

Pu Erh Tea
Pu Erh (or Puerh/Pu-Erh) is a tea produced in Yunnan in South-West China. The tea is named after the town of Pu Erh where it was traded for centuries.
Unlike other teas Pu Erh is 'post-fermented' and has the ability to mature like a good red wine.
The smell of Pu Erh reminds one of wet soil, leather and even manure. The taste is quite complex but always earthy, slightly smoky, almost like tobacco and faintly sweet.
Pu Erh possesses unique health and slimming properties.
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Pu Erh

The famous tea from Yunnan in South-West China.The smell and flavour of Pu Erh is typically earthy,..

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King of Pu Erh

Fine, tippy high-quality Pu-Erh from Yunnan (Southwest China). This Pu Erh has the quality to matur..

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Emperor of Pu Erh

The perfect Pu Erh vintage from 2011. Aromatic, wholesome, slightly sweet- earthy and well bala..

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Pu Erh Lemon

All health benefits of wholesome Pu Erh tea combined with a pleasant lemon note (lemongrass and lem..

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Pu Erh Orange-Chocolate

The earthy Pu Erh is paired with dark chocolate and zesty orange flavour which result in a beautifu..

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Bu Lang Pu Erh cake

Limited edition of a vintage Pu Erh cake from 2015.This 'cooked' cake is from the Bu-Lang mountains..

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Pu Erh Tea Selection

Enter the wonderful world of Pu Erh teas.Unique production, unique taste, unique health benefits.The..

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