Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Due to its semi-oxidised nature Oolong (or wu long) ranges between black and green tea. Oolongs have their own, distinctive fruity-floral flavour and the same leaves usually yield 2-6 infusions.
Best Oolongs are produced in Southern China and in Taiwan.
One of the most rewarding teas to explore.

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Oolong Orange Blossom

Oolong (also spelled Wu Long) means ‘black dragon’ and is a semi-oxidised tea (between black and gr..

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Osmanthus Oolong

A blend of Oolong tea leaves and osmanthus petals is a traditional Chinese recipe (Gui Hua Wu-Long)..

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Milk Oolong

A unique Oolong (wu-long) from Southern China. The leaves are steamed with milk which produces an u..

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Tie Guan Yin Oolong

Tie Guan Yin means 'Iron Goddess of Mercy' and is one of the best known Oolongs (wu-long). This orga..

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The House of Tea was founded in Dublin in 2004 by Martin Mehner. It was the lack of good leaf tea that motivated us to set up a company that does exactly that.

Our main goal is to introduce people to the diverse world of tea and to show them that there is much more to tea than just a bag. We are dedicated to providing quality teas from around the world. Most teas are sourced directly from the tea gardens or the manufacturers. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products and to ensure that the workers in the mainly Asian countries are paid fairly.


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