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"Striking Out"
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The blend for the RTE series!
Proper tea advice from Vincent, played by Neil Morrissey, in the series "Striking Out".

He shows his younger housemate how to make proper tea.
We liked it so much we replicated the blend and included it in our range.

What are the ingredients?

Equal amounts of Darjeeling Kalej Valley, Assam Panitola, and Earl Grey Blue Flower.

The Assam gives this aromatic brew a malty backbone, followed by a layer of the delicate muscatel flavour from the Darjeeling and citrus-bergamot top notes provided by the Earl Grey. Perfect in the morning but goes really well with some cake or pastries in the afternoon.

For more information please read also our blog about the TV series and the tea blend.

100g (default, makes 50-100 cups), also available in 50g or in our 100g wooden the chest, please select under 'options'.

Health properties:

- full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic
- improves concentration + alertness (caffeine)
- has a diuretic effect
- contains fluoride which helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease
- helps lower cholesterol