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Black Tea
The tea leaves are fully oxidised which gives them their coppery red colour. The flavour ranges from subtle, flowery to strong and malty.>>GO

Green Tea
Drink of choice for most Asian people. This tea is not oxidised and yields a light coloured brew. There are countless varieties, from delicate to fruity to a bitter, almost fishy taste.>>GO
Oolong Tea
Due to its semi-oxidised nature Oolong (or wu long) ranges between black and green tea. Oolongs have their own, distinctive fruity flavour and are perfect to reduce cholesterol.>>GO

White Tea

White tea is the least processed of all tea leaves. Full of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Pu Erh Tea
Tea with unique health and slimming properties. Unlike other teas Pu Erh is "post fermented" and has the ability to mature like a good wine.>>GO

Rooibos Tea
South African tea made out of the "Red Bush". Contains no caffeine but a lot of vitamin C. Hot or cold, day or night.>>GO
Herbal Teas

All plant parts are used: leaves, flowers, buds, petals or roots - all caffeien free.
Divided into single herbs and herbal blends.



South American favourites.


Fruit Tea

Small selection only. The teas are made entirely out of dried fruits which can be also used in yoghurts or cereals.

Tea Sampler

Selections of different tea types e.g. black green, rooibos or different tea growing regions, e.g. China or Around the World.


Tea post cards

Post cards filled with 20g tea.
Reverse side can be written on, no envelope needed.

Novelty Tea bags

Have someone famous sitting in your cup...



Everything needed to brew and enjoy your cup of tea: tea strainers, tea storage tins, measuring spoons etc.

Tea Ware

Cups, mugs , pots, tea sets made of porcelain or terracotta are available in this section.


Monthly Specials For April

Large painted Warmer
Large painted Warmer
€15.00  €9.00
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Bad Weather
Bad Weather
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Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
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Save: 38% off

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