China Green Tea

China Green Tea

It all started in China and until today Chinese people prefer their tea green. There is no such thing as just ‘a green tea’. The number of varieties, differing in production, appearance, smell and flavour is staggering. There is a certain green tea for every taste. Flavours range from subtle sweetness to flowery to grassy, fruity, astringent nuttiness and anywhere in between.
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Gunpowder 'Temple of Heaven'

Usually, tea leaves are rolled lengthways to form a long, narrow crescent but for gunpowder, the le..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50

Mao Feng

Mao Feng (means ‘High Mountain’) from Fujian (Southern China). Twisted, dark green leaves produ..

€2.90 Ex Tax: €2.90

Guangxi Green Snail

From the Southern Chinese province of Guangxi comes this beautiful green tea. The leaves and the wh..

€4.45 Ex Tax: €4.45

Lung Ching

The South-eastern Chinese province Zhejiang produces this famous green tea. Lung Ching (or Long..

€5.50 Ex Tax: €5.50

Li Zi Xiang

Li Zi Xiang means "green chestnut tea" and comes from Guangdong in Southern China. The leaves a..

€3.60 Ex Tax: €3.60

Jasmine Superior

Used for centuries in China which makes this probably the oldest scented tea in the world. To c..

€4.40 Ex Tax: €4.40

Jasmine Pearls Phoenix Eyes

Traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The green tea leaves are repeatedly mixed with fresh jasmine..

€13.25 Ex Tax: €13.25

Tea Branch Buds

These are the tender beginnings of a new branch of wild growing tea trees in Yunnan (Southwest China..

€5.85 Ex Tax: €5.85


This tea is the product of a happy accident. Green Chinese Mao Feng was mixed with black Indian..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50

Pressed Tea samples

Traditionally tea was pressed into various shapes for easier transport and as currency. Here you g..

€2.90 Ex Tax: €2.90
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House of Tea, 7 Ardee Court, Ardee Street, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


+353 1 2899436


The House of Tea was founded in Dublin in 2004 by Martin Mehner. It was the lack of good leaf tea that motivated us to set up a company that does exactly that.

Our main goal is to introduce people to the diverse world of tea and to show them that there is much more to tea than just a bag. We are dedicated to providing quality teas from around the world. Most teas are sourced directly from the tea gardens or the manufacturers. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products and to ensure that the workers in the mainly Asian countries are paid fairly.


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