China Black Tea

China Black Tea

Black teas from China are somewhat underrated in Europe and not as popular as their green counterparts. Pity, because they have a different set of interesting flavours to the better known black teas. The taste is often nutty, smoky yet soft, satisfying and full bodied. Chinese blacks contain less caffeine than other black teas.

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Black Gunpowder

Black version of the better known green Gunpowder. The leaves are rolled into small balls and produ..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €3.00

Keemun OP Superior

Keemun is the best known Chinese black tea. The taste is soft and flowery, slightly sweet-smoky..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.95

Dian Hong

Famous Chinese red tea from Yunnan in South-West China. Dian Hong means "Yunnan Red" (black tea..

€4.70 Ex Tax: €4.70

Golden Monkey

An exquisite and rare tea from Yunnan in South West China. Only the bud and the first leaf are pick..

€6.05 Ex Tax: €6.05

Lapsang Souchong

According to legend, the smoky taste came from the many campfires the tea was exposed to when trans..

€3.85 Ex Tax: €3.85

Rose Hua Cha

The leaves for this Chinese black tea are steamed together with dewy rose blossoms which result..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50

Black Tea Brick

Black tea was traditionally pressed into brick form for easier transport and as kind of currency a..

€14.50 Ex Tax: €14.50

Pressed Tea samples

Traditionally tea was pressed into various shapes for easier transport and as currency. Here you g..

€2.90 Ex Tax: €2.90
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House of Tea, 7 Ardee Court, Ardee Street, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


+353 1 2899436


The House of Tea was founded in Dublin in 2004 by Martin Mehner. It was the lack of good leaf tea that motivated us to set up a company that does exactly that.

Our main goal is to introduce people to the diverse world of tea and to show them that there is much more to tea than just a bag. We are dedicated to providing quality teas from around the world. Most teas are sourced directly from the tea gardens or the manufacturers. This allows us to monitor the quality of our products and to ensure that the workers in the mainly Asian countries are paid fairly.


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